How to Select the Best Off-Road Electric Scooter in Town

Last Updated on February 11, 2022

Do you want to have the unforgettable thrill of a lifetime? Buy an electric scooter! Yeah, the electric scooter is designed to draw out that childlike rush of pure adrenaline. Who knows, the thrilling e scooter can help you drain away those nagging cares of life so you can live only for the moment and enjoy unimaginable excitement.

Of course, there’s a chance you already know something about scooters- particularly off-road scooters. A few others may be wondering exactly what an off-road scooter is; indeed, it may baffle them why they should be interested in e scooters in the first place.

Worry not! We’re here to help you put everything into perspective and make the most of your experience with e scooters. Let’s dive right in.

What Really  is an Off-Road E Scooter?

offroad electric scooter

Yes, what is meant by the term “off-road electric scooter”? First, we need to know the difference between the “ordinary” e scooter (used mainly for commuting) and an off-road e scooter. Simply put, an off-road e scooter is designed to tackle the difficulties that come with riding in off-road terrain.

Of course, whenever you commute, you likely would want to use a fast, easily portable, compact and long-range capacity e scooter, wouldn’t you? So, can any scooter possibly have all these features and yet retain its off-road capabilities. Well, yes and no! Why? Electric scooters are primarily designed differently to fulfil different purposes.

Think of it: Just consider the Cityrider as a commuting e scooter. It actually weighs some 22lbs or 9.9 kg and may be folded down into a compact package. You likely want it to be light so you can carry it right inside the train or bus or store it under a desk. Also, think of the Wolf Warrior 11 as a model of the off-road e scooter; it weighs some 101 lbs or 46 kg.

Even though it’s foldable enough to fit into a trunk, you realize it’s not nearly as compact and portable as the Cityrider. Certainly, the Wolf can travel faster and much further; it can also tackle challenging terrain- no wonder, it’s designed bigger and a lot heavier than the Cityrider.

Generally, the Cityrider will be a much better fit than the Wolf when the e scooter is used for commuting purposes.

What does this mean? Simple: Before purchasing your preferred e scooter, make sure you know precisely how you intend to use this off-road machine.

The E Scooter Compared to the Motocross

Generally, an off-road e scooter can usually handle off-road terrain without a problem. The off-road scooter typically has a solid build, high speed, long-range capacity and powerful motors.  Doing some small adjustments to your e scooter can make a difference. You might even access a few accessories for making these changes when you buy your off-road e scooter.

Ensure the tires fitted on your e scooter are capable of helping you do the needed task. Note that some e scooters are designed with tubeless knobby tires. These are usually ideal for rocky, off-road and unpredictable bumpy terrain. Yeah, an off-road e scooter’s uses are virtually limitless.

Some have compared the versatile e scooter to motocross racing. Is this surprising? Not really. The stunts and sheer capacity of the off-road e scooter are simply amazing; hence, the comparison of the e scooter with the motocross may be quite fitting.

In time, you’re bound to understand precisely why e scooters need to be designed sturdier and bigger. Undoubtedly, anyone who purchases an e scooter will potentially access a more affordable, fun way to enjoy any off-road activities. E scooters can provide a great way for everyone to get involved in such activities- this is particularly true due to the e scooter’s compact nature.

What Types of Terrains are Off-Road Scooters Designed For?

Are you the type that lives and loves adventure? In that case, you’ll find that an off-road e scooter is a brilliant investment. Yeah, such electrically driven units are generally suitable for riding on rough terrains and other challenging surfaces.  So, you can safely ride your e scooter on dirt roads and parks; – you may even ride your e scooter on challenging inclines.

In fact, the best off-road e scooter can take the rider anywhere;  this makes it a fantastic machine for exploring nature or performing adventurous expeditions like hunting. Of course, off-road e scooters offer a great way to escape nasty traffic jams and arrive quickly at the workplace without a hassle.

What Should You Know Before Rushing off to Buy an Off-Road Scooter?

What must you know before dashing off to buy an off-road e scooter? First, you should understand that most off-road e scooters tend to be relatively expensive. And off-road e scooters must be expensive since they must be designed in such a way that they can successfully tackle the challenged posed by off-road terrains.

This further means that off-road e scooters must be designed to meet the highest possible quality standards. The off-road e scooters must be thoroughly tested and should be able to perform much better than the “ordinary-priced” commuter scooters.

Off-Road E Scooters are Costly

With these factors in mind, you realize an excellent off-road e scooter cannot cost less than $1,000 – do you? Some cost as much as $1,500 per unit; these are further designed in a sophisticated way to make them perform better when riding off-road. Generally, off-road e scooters share one common characteristic that makes them ready to meet the demands of off-road terrain- their weight and size.

Thus, off-road e scooters must be designed big, powerful and relatively heavy. It further means you cannot easily carry a quality off-road e scooter; its portability is generally compromised. So, you can rule out carrying your favourite off-road e scooter on the subway.

So, before purchasing your favourite machine, remember these crucial points:

  • While these devices are versatile and powerful, a quality off-road e scooter will not fit your needs if what you really want is a portable little commuting scooter
  • Ensure you know the trade-offs (advantages and disadvantages) of buying an off-road e scooter.

What Makes an E Scooter Great for Off-Road Activities?

So you want to go off-road? What makes an e scooter particularly suitable? Several factors contribute to this. We’ll consider a few:

First are the e scooter’s tires.

What Tires Does the Off-Road Scooter Require?

When you purchase the e scooter, it usually comes with a set of default tires. At times you even have the luxury to specify the types of tires you want. Thus, ensure you get what you really need. Ensure your e scooter gets the right tires- this is crucial. So, should you buy off-road tires or simple “plain” road tires?

Well, when you buy them, many e-scooters are delivered with a set of default tires. Sometimes you can specify which ones when purchasing. Make sure you get the ones best suited for your purposes.

Road Tires or Plain Off-Road Tires?

Well, you should buy an additional set of tires- this will allow you to change as often as you need. But do not think it’s simple to change an e scooter’s tire- you’re likely to need a mechanic. But it’s okay if you have the skills.

What type of tires does the e scooter come with? Some come with fully-fitted conventional tires, complete with inner tubes; others are tubeless. Tubeless tires are recommended for off-road purposes. Why?

Simple: You can’t get a puncture with a tubeless tire! Naturally, the tire’s design won’t allow it.  Of course, when travelling a very rough terrain, this is- precisely- the sort of assurance you want, isn’t it?


What about the ideal e scooter suspension?  You need both the front and rear suspension if you want the best ride. So, make sure both are there.

Construction& Build quality

The E Scooter’s Braking Power

There are other factors to consider- like the brakes. So, what are the best brakes for your e scooter? Ensure you have both the front and rear brakes. You will get different brake models out there. Since you might be using a fast speed scooter, it’s recommended you use hydraulic disk brakes. The Wolf, for example, has front and rear hydraulic brakes.

Since the Mantis’ maximum speed doesn’t match the Wolf’s, the former comes with semi hydraulic dual-disk brakes. Overall, the ideal brakes should match the e scooter’s specifications for the safest, most efficient performance.

Find Out Your E Scooter’s “Decent Range” (Distance Capacity)

Most people find that a decent range for their preferred e scooter is a crucial factor. Simply put, they want to know how far they can travel using their e scooter. Generally, the answer depends on several factors, including the model speed, battery, the rider’s weight, the prevailing weather and the type of terrain. Regardless, you can generally travel some 6-25 miles on the average e scooter.

Today, many find that the e scooter is one of the most practical means of transportation, particularly if you reside in a crowded city. Since the e scooter is generally small, lightweight and foldable, you can use it to reach your workplace quickly. You can use it to avoid the nasty traffic jams and get to the nearest public transportation point.

Some use e scooters for a “last mile” (full) ride; you need to know how much distance an e scooter can cover and how you can improve the e scooter’s range to fit your personal needs.

Find Out the Charging Range

Talking about the range, the question comes: How far can your favourite e scooter go before you have to recharge it? Before you purchase, take time to check the information on the e scooter’s range. You’ll usually find the information outlining the maximum range for the e scooter with the user driving economically.

The e scooters’ battery primarily determines the e scooter’s range; this means (theoretically) the larger the battery capacity, the further your e scooter should travel on a single charge. Even if you have to carry your e scooter’s charger, this should not be a major issue; most chargers are quite small and lightweight- they weigh less than a pound. You, however, shouldn’t worry if the e scooter can travel far on a single charge.

Discover the E-Scooter’s Maximum Speed

It’s likely thrilling to know your e scooter is going to go really fast. Beware, though- the machine’s top speed isn’t the most crucial consideration for an off-road scooter. Indeed, an e scooter that has a smaller battery and a single motor can reach the same top speed as a scooter with a dual motor and larger battery. Nevertheless, the dual motor e scooter with a powerful battery can produce a vastly powerful performance when going uphill.

Determine How Much Motor Power the E Scooter Needs

Obviously, you need lots of power to conquer steep hills and tackle dirt roads. How can you express this in watts? It depends on the rider’s weight, the scooter’s weight and how challenging the terrain is. It’s, however, advisable to have a minimum 2000w combined power. Having done this, you can be sure your e scooter will not fail while you’re tackling an incline or struggling over bumps.

Is the Off-Road Scooter Completely Dust and Waterproof?

To some extent- yes. It’s okay if the scooter gets wet while it’s raining or you’re riding through puddles. Just make sure the scooter isn’t completely soaked in water. Consider the Wolf, for example; it has an IPX4 Water Resistance Certificate. It means the scooter can’t be damaged if it gets wet.

Note, however, that you cannot wholly submerge the scooter underwater. It’s the same principle with dust issues- while dust cannot damage the e scooter, you must regularly clean and maintain the machine.

How Much Will  it Cost to Buy an Off-Road Scooter?

Off-road scooters are not exactly cheap or readily affordable. Regardless, compared with a motocross or quad bike, for example, an off-road scooter may suddenly look affordable!

Different e scooter models come with different prices. At times, specification issues determine the e scooter’s price. And some models give more value for the money than others.

Do a little research. To get the best deal for scooters of comparable specifications, take note of the higher-priced models. Sometimes you may get higher value by paying more.

As earlier noted, the price range usually starts from $ 1,000 and above.

Is it possible to purchase from a branded, reputable seller?  Seek a retailer that offers more support. Ultimately, ensure the selected e scooter model has readily available spare parts.


In recent years, off-road e scooters have become quite popular with both adults and kids- yeah; they simply love them. Before purchasing a quality off-road e scooter, it’s essential to understand precisely what you need and why you need it.

These days, you can get a variety of specially designed off-road e scooters that are ideal for kids, and off-road segways; some are even specifically designed for hunting enthusiasts! Select a machine that satisfies your personal needs and that fits well with your peculiar circumstances.

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