How Much Will You Pay to Purchase an Electric Skateboard?

Last Updated on March 13, 2021

You’re probably thinking about owning an electric skateboard, but a question keeps ringing in your mind: What is the actual price of the regular electric board? How much will I pay? Is it too expensive? Indeed, can I really afford it? These are a barrage of questions, alright- legitimate questions that beg for answers!

Well, you finally have the answer- an electric skateboard costs anywhere from $200 up to several thousand dollars. Indeed, some of the highest-costing electric skateboards that are immensely popular will set you back a cool $2,000! Or perhaps you wish to start with a $400 skateboard? The choice is yours!

Generally, the prices differ from one model to the other.  The price difference is also determined by the quality of the individual parts that make up the machine (deck, motor, wheels, and truck). Other factors include the battery size, customer service, and marketing costs.

What Makes Electric Skateboards so Costly?

Many users ask:  What makes electric skateboards so insanely expensive? Yes, they think the prices of these items are outrageous and grossly exaggerated– their value notwithstanding. They believe the manufacturers set a crazy price on these machines. Most users, therefore, believe the manufacturers should scale down the prices. It doesn’t matter which model you prefer-whether Mellowboard, Inboard, or Boosted Boards– you’ll still find it challenging to identify an affordable skateboard or a cheap replacement part.

One skateboard enthusiast who spoke to Reddit confessed that the skateboard market seems to be the most overpriced in the entire tech items market! According to this user, it’s easy to discover that these machines’ prices are grossly exaggerated. He invites anyone to check the prices of same-technology industries (like high tech drones) to get the point. He observes that most high-tech drones have more parts included with the product than an electric skateboard, but it costs half the electric skateboard price.

This seems to be the answer as to why e-skateboards are so expensive: The skateboard market is still considered a niche product that is dominated by a few manufacturers. Obviously, with such “monopolies,” we expect the prices to be relatively high. Moreover, some leading brands (like Mellow and Boosted Board) initially invested much in R&D, but the smaller brands simply took generic parts and put a logo on their deck and went off to the market to sell! Additionally, analysts note that the highest cost of an electric skateboard is the battery. Comparably, drones are designed with smaller batteries but are relatively costly. Despite this, many still believe that e-skateboards are quite overpriced.

What Determines the Value and Price of an Electric Skateboard?

Think about the following:

The Deck

This seems to be the primary part of an e-skateboard. But many are still confused about how the e-skateboard deck determines its price. Why, they look just about the same? Well, that’s not entirely the case. Think of it: Why is a bigger e-skateboard more costly than a smaller version? Simple: The size of the deck and the cost of materials pushes the price up. Yes, while many electric skateboard decks are designed with wood, they are not all designed in the same manner. Many e-skateboard decks are usually made using multiple plywood’s. This makes a stronger board.

Other e-skateboard decks are designed from composites. Many modern manufacturers use fewer wooden layers and more outer layers. Some decks are entirely made from carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar. Overall, composites are more durable and lighter. They do not rust much and can be designed in different lengths and shapes.

Most wooden e-skateboard decks cost between $30 to $ 200; carbon decks cost $200 to $ 500. No doubt, the deck can affect the price of an e-skateboard.

The Battery

As noted, the battery determines the price of the e-skateboard more than anything else. It’s the heaviest part of the machine. In terms of cost replacement, the battery is also considered to be most valuable. The e-skateboard battery comes with several smaller cells, which pushes the price up.

A battery pack that you get with your e-skateboard can hold 10-30 cells. This makes them cost about $150- $ 500 (The price depends on the range and how you plan to use it). But here’s a positive point: once you buy an electric skateboard battery, it can keep you going for 1-2 years (if it’s well-maintained). Some batteries can last much longer. This means it’s worth investing in these items.  You will generally pay more for these batteries because some manufacturers include extra safety features to protect them from overheating and guard against fire outbreaks.

Most e-skateboard batteries are made using lithium-ion. This is the same substance that is used to make laptop and smartphone batteries. These batteries are usually cylindrical, safe and compact. They have a longer lifespan and use important microchips. Some skateboard batteries are usually made of lithium polymer. These are more powerful but somewhat dangerous. They are, however, cheaper since they come with less voltage sag.



Essentially, the motor powers your skateboard. The power comes from the battery and turns into speed and range. Many e-skateboards come with dual motors, which cost several hundred dollars. You can get single motors for $ 50 and the more expensive motors for $300.

Motors are usually assigned a KV rating. This refers to Rotations Per Minute (or RPM) per volt. Any motor that has 200 KV is good to go. Keep this in mind-the price of the e- skateboard goes up or down depending on the motor. Also, when the KV rating is low, you’ll have better torque. The higher the rating, the faster your maximum speed.

Speed and Range

Most people who buy e-skateboards mostly value the speed and range.  Yes, for many, this is the most valuable selling point. Some of the fastest e-skateboards can do between 25- 28 miles per hour. The speed is also determined by the heaviness of the boards used.

Generally, an ordinary skateboard comes with different speed modes. These depend on whether the rider will race for a long time or prefers to conserve his battery for the longer ranges. Keep in mind that the modes can limit your board in the same way a speed governor controls a car. Most expensive e-boards have a 7-8 miles per charge range. The cheaper ones have a larger range. Interestingly, the most expensive boards have a 15-25 mph range and 25 mph top speed, while a cheaper ($400) board has the same capacity.

The Brand

Like most other products, you’ll pay much for the top brand skateboard than the lesser-known brands. It’s, however, worth the extra cost since you’ll get better warranties as well as better customer service. If you wish to save, you can buy generic brands. Just make sure you do diligent research before buying.  You can get some top brand skateboards costing about $ 300 extra.

Manufacture & location

Except for the Boosted Range skateboards, all the other models are manufactured in China. Note that some Chinese companies are smart and will indicate the products as “inspired by America” or “designed in California.” For most users, it doesn’t matter. Regardless, you will pay more for a US-made model than the Chinese. The cost can go up to $ 400 extra.

Are Electric Skateboards Likely to Get Cheaper in Future?

Well, the answer really depends on consumer demand factors. It also depends on whether the battery prices will go down. Many pundits think that e-skateboards will actually get cheaper in the future. Why? The economy of scale isn’t so significant (yet), and the market competition remains low.

Yes, the future definitely seems brighter!

Having discovered why e-skateboard prices have remained relatively high, it’s essential to recognize that your safety comes first regardless of the cost. With this in mind, buy a quality helmet and other protective gear to protect your body while riding a skateboard. If the e-board doesn’t have adequate lighting, consider fixing this as well.

You can now proceed to enjoy the rest of your day!

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