What Features Should You Check in the Best Foldable Electric Scooter?

Last Updated on February 11, 2022

Can you remember? Just recently, what did many think about electric scooters? Well, you know it- nothing but children’s toys! But things have since changed; these days it’s normal to see young adults zipping around the major city streets, riding their electric scooters-and there’s something else; they can quickly collapse and fold these scooters and carry them right into any building!

Today, foldable electric scooters have become one of the hottest new ways for people to commute to work and back. Note that most foldable electric scooters are now universally powered with electric battery packs rather than petrol motors. And it’s great that the scooters come with more advantages and benefits compared to many traditional means of transportation (including bicycles).

We need to find out just how you can benefit from acquiring a foldable electric scooter; similarly, how can you know which is the best? Those are our main points of interest. And you need to determine these issues well before you visit the shops.


What Methods Do We Use to Conduct This Research on Foldable Electric Scooters? How is The Work Supported?

Generally, the work we do here (in researching and identifying the best foldable electric scooters) is carried out independently and objectively.

We do not unduly consult retailers and manufacturers; as such, they don’t influence our recommendations. Our sole interest is to help you identify the perfect e scooter that gives you value for money. Affiliate commissions support our work, and we only earn this when you purchase your favorite product.

Overall, it’s up to the reader to decide whether they want a specific product or not; whatever the case, the buyer always incurs no cost.

Can You Identify a Foldable Electric Scooter? What Are its Primary Features?

Yeah, do you actually know what a foldable electric scooter is? Put simply, a foldable electric scooter is a scooter that the user can fold. On the surface, an electric scooter might look more like the traditional kick scooter. But instead of being propelled by a pedalling rider, an electric motor powers the e scooter. This makes the e scooter more environmentally friendly as a mode of transport.

The user needs to recharge the battery feeding these motors. Some specific e scooter models can, however, travel for 60 miles on a single charge.

You can easily fold this type of scooter in half; you fold it precisely where the handlebar stem and the deck meet. Some scooter models use other methods to fold; you can fold some quickly, and others take more time.

Once you fold your e scooter, it’s typically easier to carry. A specific foldable e scooter model even allows one of the wheels to stay on the floor when the unit is folded. You can push or pull this type of scooter when not it’s not being used.

Do You Need a Foldable E Scooter to Take You to Work?

Here Are the Features to Look For:

Apart from other obvious benefits, a foldable e scooter can do various things to help you in your day to day activities. For example, the e scooter can take you to work and bring you back home without a hassle. And unlike the hassles that come with walking or biking, your e scooter will practically do all the work while you simply enjoy yourself!

Of course, with a foldable e scooter, there’s no need to worry about carrying a bulky bike to your workplace. Since most e scooters are designed to use a rechargeable battery, you can charge them when you return home and use them the following day.

And many of these machines can do up to 20mph; this means they’re relatively faster than the average walking man- they can conveniently help you avoid the usual morning rush, with its endless traffic jams.

Some of the best foldable e scooters are generally compact, lightweight and have durable tires and design. Many of these offer a 4-hour charge time; this ensures you travel a reasonable range.

How Can You Fold a Typical (Foldable) E Scooter?

Yes, how are these scooters folded? Generally, different e scooter models are folded in different ways. There are two primary ways to determine the foldability of e scooters.

Consider these:

E Scooters that Fold From the Handlebar Post

To fold this model, look at the handlebar post. Focus on the area between the middle and bottom end of this post (you’ll find it on the right- above the tire). This is the precise area where the folding is done.

Once you’ve folded the handlebars, you’ll find that they’re resting or hooking at a downward angle into the fender, just over the rear tire. Some models hook into a kickplate.

E Scooters that Fold From the Deck

How do you fold these? Just look at the part you’re standing on (the deck). Focus on the area where the front tire connects to the deck. Now, this is precisely where you fold your e scooter. Since the handlebar lies parallel to the deck, you can use this convenient method to fold your e scooter; it’s the most efficient and compact way to do so.

Note: Some foldable e scooter models are designed with inward-folding handlebars (located parallel to the handlebar post). They also have retractable telescopic stems that enhance their compact quality. Of course, these are highly recommendable.

Do All E Scooters Fold Easily?

Generally, yes!

It takes just seconds to fold some e scooter models. These ones fold using a-one click automated mechanism. But some need a little more time to fold. Scooters weighing less than 55 lbs are typically the easiest to manage. Conversely,  scooters that are designed with a more complex folding mechanism usually take a bit longer to fold.

Overall, all e scooters are naturally designed to fold easily. Most foldable e scooters are designed with a latch or lever system; you can conveniently flick this to fold the scooter in half. As noted, it usually takes seconds to fold an e scooter. Some models have a hook or produce a “clicking” sound to signal the scooter is properly locked in place.

Most of those (with a complex folding mechanism) are designed with extra safety features (like a dual stem locking mechanism). Note that heavier scooters tend to have higher speeds and-logically-need enhanced safety features.

Are all Scooters Designed as Foldable?

Again, as noted, most e scooters are designed with a frame that facilitates folding. Those who don’t have much storage place at home or in the workplace should especially consider buying a scooter with a foldable design.

Can You Damage Your Scooter By Regularly Folding?

As you know, electricity and water don’t mix; the same principle applies to electronic items and water- they don’t mix. Often, when your electronic items are slightly damaged (including your e scooter), you know it’s time for repair- time to spend money. You may even have to replace the damaged components or purchase another scooter.

The scooter’s frame is usually susceptible to damage by water. Naturally, the frame will corrode and precipitate long term rust issues. As a cautionary measure, always avoid folding a wet scooter. Doing this can cause water damage to your valued e scooter.

Whenever you fold the scooter, the handlebar stem often becomes higher than the handlebar itself. As a rule, wet scooters will usually drip water onto the LED screen or throttle- this can cause long term, irreversible damage.

Do You Merely Want a Portable E Scooter or Value its Performance?

Yes, do you value portability or performance with your e scooter? Most people would rather trade performance to get a foldable e scooter. But some predict that non-foldable e scooters will be the future trend since- just like bikes or e-bikes- they can be easily parked along the streets.

Essentially, a modern foldable e scooter is designed with multiple movable parts, and this makes it more complicated; it also makes it less sturdy. When choosing a foldable e scooter, make sure you weigh the pros and cons. It’s advisable to study the folding design- this might vary.

Do you intend to use your e scooter for commuting? Look at the product specs; check whether it actually folds well. Also, check the range– most of the smaller, lightweight e scooter models come with a 250w motor. Depending on the local road conditions, choose a model that comes with extra power.

Consider your own weight versus the chosen e scooter’s. Finally, what about the e scooter’s charge time? How far can the e scooter travel on a single charge? Will you need to charge it at home, or you still have to charge it at work?

These are crucial considerations.


In recent years, e scooters have become cheaper; many cities have welcomed this relatively new mode of transport for its convenience and safety. E scooters are particularly essential for work commuting. And the foldable e scooter model is especially desirable.

Interestingly, most foldable e scooters are super compact and incredibly lightweight; they are an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to escape the hassles of traffic jams and public transportation.

Chances are- you want a foldable e scooter for the same reasons. Before visiting the shops to choose one, take time to consider the features, models, and pricing. Consider the factors discussed here to select the best foldable e scooter available.

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