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Fixed Light System US

Fixed Light System US

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Integrated, anti-theft, rechargeable cycling lights.

NOTE: Matte Black sets are currently out of stock

  • Spacer and Post Light Set
  • Spacer Light Only
  • Post Light Only

  • Matte Black
  • Brushed Chrome
  • Gloss White


These lights were designed from the ground up to improve your daily grind. Unlike other lights, Sparse lights integrate onto your bike. They have been engineered to the highest performance specifications and behave as a component of your bicycle. The chassis of the lights is cast zinc. The metal chassis is joined by polycarbonate lenses, sealed with a silicone gaskets, and is on installation, locked into the bike. The lights won't jostle, rattle, or interfere with your cables. They're solid, sealed, tamper-resistant, and stupidly bright.


The Spacer Light replaces a spacer beneath your stem. The light fits both 1" and 1 1/8" steer tubes. This mounting keeps the light pointed in your path of travel, visible above the shoulder line of cars, and out of harm's way. The integration makes it also very difficult to steal. The source of illumination in the Spacer Light is a 3 Watt white CREE LED. The light has 3 modes, On (solid), Off, and Blink. It has a run time of 4 hours in the ‘On’ state, and 8 hours in blink. The beam is focused forward to illuminate the path of travel as well as laterally to catch the attention of anyone near the roadway.


The Post Light slips over and clamps onto your seat post. The light fits the most common seat post sizes - anything from 26.0mm - 31.9mm. There is no way to remove the light without removing the seat post. The source of illumination in the Post Light is a series of board-mounted red LED's - 2 face rear and 2 to the sides. In total, they add up to 2 Watts of output (100 Lumens). The Tail Light has 3 modes, On, Off, and blink.


Both lights are fueled by a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery like the one in your phone. The charge is designed to last a minimum of 4 hours - enough to get you to and from work for a week. At that point, you park the bike in the vicinity of an outlet and refill the battery. We're shipping the light sets with two 6' micro-USB cables (single cables with individual lights) and a region-specific wall-adapter. Also, our product works with any USB power source. So, you can plug the lights into any wall plug such as with one from a smartphone. Note that if you preordered before we listed all the charger types, we are shipping your order with the charger we understand to be most common in your country.

2013 Spark Award2014 IDSA Silver Award


Dimensions: 36mm W x 107mm L x 42mm D
Weight: 111g (with battery)
Light source: 3 Watt White Single LED by Cree
Output: 200 Lumens
Chassis: Die-cast Zinc
Battery: Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
Steady:   4 hrs
Blink:   8 hrs
Recharge time:    4 hrs (USB recharge)
Water resistance:    IP4 rating
Headset compatibility:
Threadless or Threaded (For threaded, verify a minimum of 10mm of threading available for installation)
1" or 1 18" (Ships with color-matched adapter shim)
Front brake compatability:    The Spacer Light IS NOT COMPATIBLE with center-pull front brakes


Dimensions: 42mm W x 108mm L x 40mm D
Weight: 162g (with battery)
Light source: 2 Watt Red Four-LED by Cree
Output: 100 Lumens
Chassis: Die-cast Zinc
Battery: Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
Steady:    4 hrs
Blink:   8 hrs
Recharge time:    4 hrs (USB recharge)
Water resistance:    IP4 rating
Seatpost Compatibility:
Standard round / Non-Aero
26.0mm to 31.9mm diameter (Ships with adapter shim)

Q. What seat post sizes does the Seat Post Light fit?

A. The Seat Post Light fits 31.9mm down to 26mm with the shim. 27.2 is the most commonly produced tube size - smaller sizes typically only occur on vintage bikes. Folding bikes and oversized mountain bike posts often go up to 31.8mm.

Q. What if I have a thin, vintage seat post?

A. Without too much hassle, we’ve made the Seat Post Light work, by inserting a shim made from a cut seat tube or wrapping the tube with some electrical tape at the location of the clamp.

Q. What size steer tube (for the Spacer Light) size does this fit?

A. It fits 1 1/8" head tubes (common on most new bikes, typically threadless headsets) and with the included shim, 1" head tubes (common on vintage and retro bikes, often threaded headsets, also called “quill stems”). For the 1” head tubes, you’ll need approximately 10mm of threads above the headset. .

Q. How do they charge?

A. The lights are charged via USB cable while on the bike. Each light comes with a 6’ (2mm) micro-USB cable and wall socket. Longer cables can be purchased from your local office supply/computer retailer. The “flap” on the bottom panel of each light covers the port when not in use.

Q. So they lights don’t come off the bike?

A. True. Once you’ve installed the lights, it is as if they are a piece of the bike. It takes tools to get them off. We think this is in-total waaaaaaaaaaaay less hassle than stripping the lights every time you park the bike.

Q. How long does it take to charge them fully and how long will the charge last?

A. Approximately 4 hours to charge. The charge will last about 4 hours on steady, 8 hours while on “blink.” The batteries are Lithium Polymer - like your cel phone. After 1000(!) charge cycles, the batteries should still fill to about 80% of their original capacity.

Q. How bright are they?

A. They are bright! The Spacer Light (front) has a single 3-watt LED and puts out about 200 lumens. The light was designed with urban bicycle commuting in mind. As such, the light has the dual role of lighting the path of travel as well as alerting traffic to the presence of the rider. A significant amount of the light is directed to the sides of the rider - the “right hook” of a car alongside the rider is more deadly than the pothole in front of him/her. Because of this split role, lights commensurate specifications with a beam focused in on particular spot will indeed be brighter in that spot. City riding is a set of complex circumstances; the focus of the beam in this light is one of the most difficult and carefully considered set of design decisions which we’ve encountered. We think the strategy we’ve pursued is optimal for city riding. For other use-cases, there are better lights. We do not suggest you bomb down single-track on a moonless night with this light. The Post (or tail) light has (4) ½-watt LED’s and puts out about 100 Lumens. This light is directed in more than 180º around the rider for the greatest amount of visibility we could manage. It will illuminate your butt and thighs for all traffic to see.

Q. Can the battery/LED/etc. be replaced?

A. The battery/LED, etc CAN be exchanged. As doing so takes a small amount of technical ability, we’ll be posting a “how-to” video soon..

Q. What kind of battery does it have?

A. The lights use Lithium-Polymer batteries. This is the same type of battery that’s in your cel phone. This type of battery has one of the highest energy densities around and we can get it in custom dimensions to occupy the maximum volume within our chassis.

Q. Can I use the lights in heavy rain?

A. The lights are fully gasketed and are tested to an IP-4 rating. IP-4 is a strong jet of water sprayed from all angles for 20 minutes. We do not recommend swimming with your bicycle whether or not you have lights installed.

Q. Can I use the lights in deep winter?

A. The Lithium Polymer batteries in these lights will perform well within the same temperature range in which one is likely to ride (and then some). Between 14º to 104º Fahrenheit (-10º to 40ºC) you can expect normal performance. Outside of these temperatures you may experience reduced run time. For temperatures well beyond that range, reduced battery lifespan or battery failure may occur.

Q. How much do the lights weigh?

A. The Spacer Light weighs 111 grams. The Post Light weighs 162 grams. Each of is about equivalent to a single performance road pedal.

Q. These feel different.

A. Indeed they do. The chassis of the lights are die-cast metal. The lens is clamped in between that chassis and some hardcore silicone gaskets. The lights are ROBUST. They’re designed to withstand all the punishment of daily urban riding. Additionally, we packed as much battery inside as we possible. More battery equals longer and brighter light. We turned it up to 11. Or maybe yours has the golden ticket which we’ve hidden inside one special light.

Q. What colors/finishes are available?

A. Both lights are available in matte black, gloss white and brushed chrome. These finishes match as close as possible to ‘standard finishes’ found on most bicycle components. The goal is for the lights to disappear when not in use.

Q. What is the warranty?

A. We warrant the lights for 1 full year from defect in materials and workmanship.

Q. Are these meant to “be seen only” or to illuminate the cyclists path?

A. They are meant for both illuminating your path as well as alerting traffic to your presence. Because of this split role, lights with commensurate performance specifications and a beam focused in on particular spot will indeed be brighter in that spot. Ours illuminate the path of travel, but also push light to the immediate surroundings to advertise the rider’s presence. We do not recommend you go bombing down singletrack on moonless nights with these lights.

Q. Are the lights your only product?

A. We are working on many more urban-cycling focused products. Stay tuned.