Practical Tips on Choosing the Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

Last Updated on March 18, 2021

Like thousands of people, you probably enjoy using the longboard as a hobby or fun activity. But many often ask: Is it possible to transform the ordinary longboard into an electric skateboard?

You can transform your longboard into an electric skateboard. There’s only one thing you need for this: You need an electric skateboard conversion kit. You can get different kinds of these conversion kits right there, on the market. Well, we’re actually here to help you make a good selection.

To help you, we’ve gone ahead to carry out in-depth research on the most reputable and reliable electric skateboard conversion kit features to check for when you’re out there shopping.

But, the question is: How can you choose the best of these skateboard conversion kits?

Dive right in to find out!

Why it’s Best to Use the Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit Instead of the Entire E-Board

The electric skateboard (e-board) has become quite popular with many sports riders, hobbyists, and commuters. Indeed, the era of modern battery-powered skateboards seems to be here to stay! All this is thanks to advancements in modern rechargeable battery and electric motor technology.

Generally, it’s an exciting job learning to fix these electric kits to an already existing deck. But don’t expect to save much compared to buying a complete e-board. Why, then, should you purchase this kit?

As noted, there are many kinds of skateboard kits on the market. You never really have to purchase such boards as a whole unit. The best thing to do is to buy a complete board. This is, however, an expensive route. If you decide to use e-board conversion kits, you can customize and even personalize your kit in a manner that’s not possible with all the other options.

Think of it:  Using the conversion kit, you can add (to your existing personal deck) a modular electric kit. This convenient feature is precisely what modern electric skateboards lack. Moreover, you can select any preferable skateboard and customize it as you like.

Such a feature is indeed peculiar to converted e-boards. You only have to fit the kit to your deck, and-Voila! You’re good to go. Moreover, the kit comes with the electric technical work already done. How wonderful!

Types of Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits

You can choose from the following types of kits:

  • 4WD electric skateboard kit.
  • DIY electric skateboard kit.
  • Dual Motor skateboard kit.
  • Pre-build Kits (or plug n ride).
  • Cheap Chinese budget Kits.

One of the best-known kits that can quickly convert the ordinary skateboard into an electric board is called Mellow. Ride Unlimited also has a good reputation for building excellent kits.

Disadvantages of Electric Skateboard Kits

Less Power

Note that if the electric skateboard conversion kit is small, it means that the motor and battery must also be small. Generally, if you have smaller components, you’ll get less power output. In turn, this translates into lower (maximum) speed.  It also means you’ll get a lower range on one battery charge. Why? Smaller boards (which are lighter) usually have less range and less power. Choose wisely!


The kits have to be a bit small in order to fit under a deck. Furthermore, if you have a smaller kit, you cannot mount a bigger battery on it. When the battery is smaller, the range will be shorter (less). This means that that kit won’t help. On portability matters with such kits, this is the most significant disadvantage. To fill this shortfall, the manufacturers have designed a swappable battery. Thus, invest in such a battery if you want to ride far.  The range will double!


You will not purchase an entire board if you go shopping for the electric skateboard kit. You will, however, pay as if you bought the whole board! Keep in mind that, even without the deck, you’ll not save. But-happily-you can use it with any board of your choice.


  • You can mount on any deck.
  • Air Travel-friendly.

What to Consider When Selecting an Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

Here are the essential things to consider:

Ease of Assembly

This is an essential part of the kits. Ease of assembly is particularly crucial if you want to avoid many calculations, drilling, soldering, and cutting. Plug and ride are usually the easiest to set- up. Once you have these, you only have to mount the kit on the deck and plug in the battery-everything is now ready!

Motor type

Are you thinking about how to have more power on your e-board? If so, the motor is also essential. Usually, the battery, electric speed controller, and motor are the components that control the speed of the device. They also control how well you’ll climb the hills, the braking functionality in the kit, and how much acceleration you can achieve.

Do you live in a place with hilly terrain but still prefers to skate faster? Get an e- skateboard conversion kit that has a powerful motor.


One of the essential factors with the kit is the battery- quality and size. These factors usually determine not only the cost but also the skate range. Interestingly, the battery is also the most expensive component of the e-skateboard conversion kit.

Want more range? Get a bigger and better battery! If you want a better -quality and bigger battery, you must be ready to spend more money.

Make sure you know the difference between the various brands, setups, and types of battery. The battery capacity gets measured in Watt-hrs. Note that some manufacturers of e-board skate kits usually try to hide the kit’s battery’s real size. They do this by only giving the battery’s estimated range. Some just give the voltage numbers or amperage somewhere on their websites.

Check such facts carefully.

Swappable battery

You can buy some e- skateboard conversion kits with easily swappable batteries. This feature is important if you wish to achieve more range faster (without waiting for the regular recharge hours). You can also pack another battery and have it along. Research and learn about how long e-skateboard kit batteries actually last.

Remote Control (RC)

If you are new to using the e-skateboard conversion kit, you may not know how important the remote control is. The remote control usually controls the braking and acceleration of the kit. You cannot enjoy a ride on your skateboard if the remote control is poorly designed.

Electric Speed Controller (ESC)

This is the e-skateboard conversion kit’s central computational unit– “the brain” itself.  Of course, it’s also an electronic part and the feature that controls the motor’s speed and drive.  The ESC further provides the motor with the required electric power. It controls the braking curve and acceleration as necessary. Hence the ESC is a crucial part of determining how efficient you’ll actually ride your e-board kit.

It’s possible to get a configurable ESC. If you get one, you can even alter the settings and control the amount of power and torque that the kit will deliver. You can also control how the braking system works. Some even come with the silent mode. This makes the kit’s motor work without producing much sound. Unfortunately, you cannot get these convenient features with most commercial (or standard) electric skateboards.

Customer support

All consumers need to enjoy reliable customer support whenever they purchase anything. Why? In case there’s a breakdown of any kind, we’ll definitely have trouble with its assembly; someone must help! Yes, it’s the customer support that will make the difference.

Wheel size (wheel bite)

How are the kit’s wheel, deck-size, and truck? These are essential factors. One essential element is the distance existing between the deck and wheels. When making U-turns, no one wants to have wheel-bites (this is when the wheel touches the deck).

Ensure that wheel size is right before deciding to purchase. Since most e-board companies are well aware of this problem, you may not need to worry about it unduly. Thus, you can ask for and get good advice from these companies.

Air Travel

Will you carry your e-board conversion kit on the plane? In such a case, make sure that its battery is less than 160-watt hours (size). Be advised to get a removable battery that you can carry with you just like you do with other items like power banks. Note that most e-boards are not really designed for air-travel. Regardless, you can still find many air-friendly models if you carry out a little research.

Special Note:  Due to the rapidly evolving technology with regard to these products, the specs and suggestions on this post can change in time. Do some diligent research to ascertain the most current (up-to-date) information before making a significant purchase decision.

Separate Suppliers DIY KIT

Do you wish to custom-build the kit? Choose the different parts that fit your requirements. If you don’t mind having a less powerful motor, save a little money by selecting a less powerful conversion kit. Also, think of this: Will you tackle hilly terrain or ride off the road? Are you among the heavier riders? Will you be riding far? If not, why do you need a powerful kit? Save money! You don’t really need a powerful battery.

Do a little research of your own. Will the required conversion kits be compatible? Are they appropriate for the design, shape, and size of the board? Think of all these while making your selection.

With a DIY kit, you can personally build your own electric powered skateboard. You can also upgrade and change the parts as you prefer (whether now or in the future). Further, you can use the desired deck just as you like. However, it’s recommended that you use a rigid, sturdy deck that has a wheelbase measuring 25 inches or more. This is what will allow adequate space to fit all the components.

If you identify the right DIY kit, you can also benefit from receiving step-by-step guidance and instructions on proceeding correctly with the building process.

Who would not want to enjoy this instruction and get saved from needless headaches?

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, electric skateboards are fantastic! Regardless, they come with plenty of advantages and disadvantages. They allow you to move around faster and further without putting too much effort.

Most commuters are attracted to electric skateboards because they allow people to reach their destination without sweating it out. With modern e-skateboard conversion kits, you can make any deck you want and convert it into some powerful e-board. What enjoyable freedom these conversion kits offer to riders!

Choose the best e- skateboard conversion kits using the practical tips you gained here.

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