How to Shop For the Best Electric Scooter with a Seat

Last Updated on February 11, 2022

Today, most people use e scooters not just to commute; they use them for many purposes. You’re probably considering investing in an excellent e scooter- what will you need to make this successful? Well, we know it can be daunting merely trying to select a suitable seated scooter.

There are things to keep in mind while doing that. Once you buy your scooter, you’ll use it to move from one place to another. To make this possible, you should choose a scooter with seats; this is the best deal; the scooter should have a good battery and good battery life.

But there are other essential things to think about when planning to buy a scooter. In the modern world, you must consider having certain conveniences and features. These include a dual or single motor, Bluetooth, cruise control, LED display, LED lights, shock absorbers, a sound suspension system and suitable tires.

electric scooter with seat

What You Need to Remember When Planning to Buy an E Scooter with a Seat

Yes, what should you consider when planning to buy an e Scooter with a seat? There are a number of things to take into account. Consider the following:

Height of Seat

Many scooters come with a variety of seat heights. Thus, before you make the purchase, ensure you’ve scheduled a test drive. Some e scooter seats may have a relatively “low height” measuring some 700 mm (27.5 inches). Other seats are relatively high and may measure as high as 815mm (32.1 inch).

Seat Length

Do you plan to ride your e scooter while carrying a passenger? Keep in mind that some e scooters may have space for a single passenger. A few (like the NIU MQi) are, however, designed to carry more than one passenger.

The Cost:  Overall, an electric scoter seat shouldn’t cost more than $125.


Does the scooter have a suspension system? Chances are- it has better shock absorption.


Consider the following: How comfortable should your e scooter be? A number of factors will determine this. Keep in mind that you’re going to sit on the e scooter’s seat. It’s essential to ensure you won’t develop pains and aches after the ride. Is the seat well padded? Check. Does it come with a post-suspension? Is the height adjustable?


Generally, since most e scooters aren’t cheap, seat attachments can be costly. Be prepared to foot bill.

Ease of Attachment and Removal

Some e scooter seat attachments can be problematic to attach or remove. But if you’re ready enough and know what to do, it shouldn’t be much of a challenge. So, try to avoid buying a scooter with relatively complicated seat attachments. This can be more troublesome than necessary. Try to ask the retailer to attach the seat’s baseplate to the new scooter in advance.

This will save you much trouble.


Remember this: Some scooters cannot be folded with seats attached. Select one that’s foldable. You can otherwise – pick a scooter with seat with a quick-release lever.  This enables you to remove the seat post and saddle easily as well as fold the scooter.

Some have posed the question; is it possible to readjust e scooter heights, remove or fold them? Generally, this mostly depends on the model.

How Can You Attach the Seat?

You can attach the seat merely by screwing it into the drilled holes in the deck. You can also do so by simply clamping it.

You may follow the same process to remove the seat. Often, you can use the quick release lever to remove the saddle and seat post; since the base remains attached, you can put it back whenever you want.

Can You Adjust Every E Scooter’s Height?

Since most good e scooter models are designed with adjustable seat posts, this means the owner can move it until it reaches the desired height. Afterwards, you can secure it with the locking latch found in the middle of the post.

Can You Detach the Seat?

Yes, you can easily detach the e scooter seat; a few models are a little bit complicated to handle. In some, all you need is to pull a lever and remove it; for others, you must unscrew the base plate to detach the seat.

Are All Scooters Foldable?

Yeah, some e scooter models are designed to be folded. Among these are Zero8 and Widewheel Pro. As noted, however, not all e scooters can be folded. Generally, if you want to collapse it, simply remove the seat post and saddle first.


There are many  things to reflect on when trying to select a good e scooter.  It’s advisable to check the vehicle’s specifications and design. Try to select a model with a variety of accessories or parts. Choose a scooter that you can easily modify to fit your personal preference. How much space for extra storage will you need for the scooter? Consider if you can have one with a topcase or a phone holder.

Does the scooter you select have a wide network of dealers locally? Ensure you’ll have enough support. Yes, choose an e scooter with seats that are quite comfortable; try riding it before buying. Overall, choose the best e scooter with seats that make for a delightful riding experience; you won’t ever regret it.

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  1. My scooter goes 25 MPH in MODE 3, it has semi soft tire’s, will it go faster with a hard nylon tire?