Fantastic Tips on Choosing the Best E-Scooter for Heavy adults (200-370 lbs)

Last Updated on March 13, 2021

Have you noticed that the manufacturers of modern electric scooters seem to design these machines thinking only of smaller-bodied riders? Actually, most range tests are usually done with riders who weigh only 170 lbs. This is precisely why the 30-mile range scooter cannot do more than 15 miles with a heavier rider!

Interestingly, many e-scooter riders are often heavier than the ordinary scooter test driver. Think of it: In the US alone, the average adult weighs about 200lbs. Thus, it can be tricky trying to identify the right e-scooter suitable for heavy adults. If you follow the direction provided on the advertised specs- woe unto you; most likely, you’ll never get what you want! So, then, how can you choose the right machine?

Methods of Choosing Suitable Scooters

Taking all factors into consideration, we’ve taken the initiative to test a few e-scooter models. As a result, we have prepared suggestions on choosing the best scooters designed for taller and heavier riders. Using our tips, you can find durable and better-constructed machines. Moreover, these are designed with better suspension than what makes the ordinary folding commuter scooter.

Before we present our suggestions, we need to discuss a few essential issues. Think of it: How do we carry out a competent test to produce a credible list? Well, we first split the machines into 4 weight-support brackets. This makes it easier to choose the best machines available on the market.

Here are the ideal suggested weight categories:

  • 200-249 lbs.
  • 250-299 lbs.
  • 300-349 lbs.
  • 350 lbs.

After preparing the ideal weight groupings, you can select your best scooter using the following simple formula:

  • Budget: What’s the cheapest available model?
  • Mid-range: What gives a perfect balance of speed, weight, mileage, and portability?
  • Premium: What about factors like mileage, high speeds, and other advanced features, including hydraulic brakes and suspension?

Using such guidelines, you can find the best scooters suitable for use by heavy riders.

What Factors Should You Consider When Selecting the Best Scooter for Heavy Adults?

You should think about the following essential factors:

Weight limit

How much can the scooter carry? You will discover that most manufacturers are relatively economical with the details of how much the machine can carry? Generally, most scooters should be able to carry up to 40 lbs or even more; this should be above what the stated maximum weight limit indicates.

In reality, most scooters will manage 300 lbs (for the rider).  However, achieving this comes at greatly diminished performance levels.

Weight Capacity:

Go for a machine that can easily carry 220 pounds. If you’re heavier, go for the 300-350 pound scooter. Once you pick a suitable machine, you may find a pleasant surprise- the scooter can carry some luggage as well. And it will do so without slowing down!

The  E-Scooter Frame:

Think about the build of your desired machine as well as its frame. Ensure that the selected machine has a robust and durable frame. Also, can it endure wear and tear? We recommend that you choose an aircraft-grade aluminum or (alternatively) a steel frame scooter. Why? These are highly durable materials. If you can get a weatherproof frame, it is even better.

Type of Wheel

Overall, the larger the electric scooter’s wheels, the safer it is for the rider. Moreover, the machine will be more stable. Ensure that the machine’s tire quality is always top-notch.  For excellent performance, we recommend that you pick a scooter with pneumatic tires type.

Motor Power and Range

With scooters, if you want to achieve the maximum speed, you must have the maximum power. That’s the only way to climb hills faster. If the scooter is heavier, we recommend you choose one that commands at least 500 w of power.

Most premium scooters are usually quite powerful. They carry a nominal power rating ranging between 1000 to 2000 w. The peak power ranges between 3,600 and 5,400 w. Determining the e-scooter’s power capacity can be tricky since most manufacturers quickly share their peak power but slower to share the machine’s nominal (lower) power stats. And when you pick a powerful scooter, do remember to get a quality helmet and other protective gear for your machine.

Keep this in mind: The bigger the battery, the greater the range. Also, the lesser the power, the greater the range. And heavier riders use more power than lighter riders. Taking the nominal range number and reducing it by half gives you the range capacity for a heavier rider. For instance, an e-scooter with a 30-mile range has 17 miles practical range. Once you know this, you’ll never be stranded out in the woods merely because of power!

Is the Scooter’s Suspension Important?

How important is it- the suspension? Usually, when the rider is lighter, he’ll experience less bumpiness while riding. In this situation, the rider needs less suspension. Nevertheless, for bigger and heavier riders, the issue of suspension is essential.

It doesn’t matter whether the rider is traveling on the road or off-road; usually, any non-flexible, sturdy machine will transfer the small bumps and vibrations into the rider’s knees and ankles. After some 15 minutes, the feet will be hurting. Get it now? Select a scooter with a robust suspension system and pneumatic tires.

Final Thoughts

Here’s our ideal recommendation: Choose a machine similar to the QIEWA Q-Power Double Motor E- Scooter. It’s best for a heavy rider who wants to enjoy incredible speeds and carry luggage. It offers a fun ride and compares well with traditional modes of transportation. Yes, this foldable e-scooter provides just the best specs for a heavy rider and remarkable capacity.

Ultimately, the choice is yours! Use this guide to make a wise decision and enjoy your e-scooter ride, regardless of whether you’re a heavier rider.

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