How to Find the Best Lights for Your Electric Skateboard or Longboard

Last Updated on March 18, 2021

Have you ever tried riding your favorite electric skateboard in the dark- at night? Yeah, you know it; it was likely not a pleasant experience; not at all!

To be sure, it can be quite dangerous trying to do this. This is especially true if the place where you’re riding the skateboard isn’t well illuminated. One rider had a pretty close call when a police car-of all vehicles- failed to notice him; it came within a few feet of hitting him off.

The above experience is a clear sign that you must exercise extra care while riding the skateboard at night. How can you improve your safety while riding at night? The answer is simple: Buy additional electric skateboard or longboard lights. Nothing else can enhance your visibility, ensuring that others will see you. These pair of lights that are easily attached to your skateboard- they’re the ultimate solution!

Unfortunately, most models of electric skateboards are not designed with these useful lights. Yes, you don’t get these when you buy the e-skateboard. So you must add them to your e-skateboard.

The Reasons Why You Urgently Need Electric Skateboard lights

What is the biggest risk associated with e-skating? Here’s it: Most riders usually overlook the holes and cracks that lurk in the pavement. This is dangerous since it can cause you to fall. When you’re riding in the dark, the risk of getting hit by a car also increases significantly.

To protect yourself and keep safe, always use lights when riding. It will light up the road ahead and make you more visible to motorists and pedestrians. These lights are probably the most important gear after the protective helmet.

Keep in mind that the ordinary driver on the road is not used to seeing e-skaters riding on the road; yes, while riding, remind yourself you are not really on the next driver’s radar- Take care!

Do You Want to See Clearly, or You Want Others to See You on the Road?

Before fixing the suitable e-skating lights, ask yourself: What do you want; are you seeking to be seen or to see? Know the difference between these two concepts. If you’re going to see clearly while riding, buy a bright white headlight on the e-skateboard. This will help illuminate your path so you can see what may be lurking ahead. Ensure these lights are bright and powerful. If they aren’t, you won’t see anything.

Do you want to be seen? Buy yourself a red light. It will minimize the chances of a car or a bicycle bumping into you from behind. Remember that, apart from taillights, you have many other options to ensure others can see you.

Available Options for Skateboard or Longboard Lights

iwonder longboard headlights

We know that electric skateboards are generally new on the market. Thus, there are just a few companies dedicated to producing e-skateboard lights for e-riders. This prompts many riders to wonder about the type of lights they can use. Here are a few selected options for e-skateboard lights:

  • Runner lights.
  • Bike lights.
  • Scooter Lights.

Bike lights are the most common type of lights you can quickly remember. Of course, bike lights have also been around for many decades. Over time, manufacturers have only worked to improve them. Unfortunately, most bike lights are not designed with proper mounting and shock-proof features. Such features are crucial for e-skateboards.

The good news is: You can use some simple creative mounting ideas to do the trick. Do you wish to learn about these essential e-board lighting techniques? Just do a little research over the internet-you’ll make some delightful discoveries. In fact, a few companies have now designed special lights for e-boards, skateboards, and Longboards.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Types of Lights

When thinking about buying some suitable lights for your skateboard or Longboard, you must consider a few factors. For instance, we’ve already said you need to know whether you want lights that will help you see or make you more visible to road users. We advise that you get lights that can help in both of these situations. Why, even a tiny rock on the road can cause an accident or make it challenging to ride when it gets dark.

Now, consider these:

  • Tail Lights: If you buy warm tail lights, they will help minimize the possibility of a car or another vehicle hitting you from behind.
  • Bright Headlights: These will keep your path well-lit.
  • Lightweight: Choose lights that are neither bulky nor heavy. Pick something small, compact, and lightweight.
  • Water-resistance: Choose water-resistant or waterproof lights. Use the IP standard to check the water-resistance ability of these lights.
  • Vibration-proof: Vibrations may occur on uneven pavements. Get electronic devices to make them vibration-proof and shock-proof.
  • Easy Installation: Make sure the lights are easily installed or removed.
  • Price: Make sure the price is just right-neither too high nor cheap. Ensure the lights have the right features.
  • Battery: Get a light and appropriately-sized battery that is easily charged with a USB cable.
  • Quality: Quality often follows brands. Get lights with a guarantee of reliability and quality.

Excellent Alternatives for e-Skateboard Lighting

Here are some of the best alternatives for lighting your e-skateboard:

LED Vest

The LED vest is a useful nighttime visibility gear. With it, you’re sure drivers will see you regardless of the angle. Runners and cyclists use them a lot, but these LED-reflective lights are great for e-skateboarding. You can even change the flash and color. And drivers can see you without shining their headlines on you.

LED Helmets

helmet with headlights

LED helmets come in two primary models: Lumos Street and Lumos Matrix. Both can indicate brake lights and turns. Matrix even comes with a bigger LED panel that is fixed at the back. This is great for night visibility. Lumos Street has three LED strips. These are integrated into the backside of the helmet. Both helmets are lightweight and easily portable.

LED Armband

The LED armband is excellent for vertical visibility. When attached to the arms, LED armbands boost the visibility of your body. You can get them cheaply and in multiple colors.


electric skateboard shredlights

These are among the best head/taillights for your electric skateboard. They are easily-installed, removable, and designed with a long-life battery. They are vibration, shock-proof, and water-resistant.

Special Flashlights

Flashlights are useful for ground and pavement lighting. You may use special runner flashlights or ordinary flashlights. These come at a 24 –degree angle, giving a great lighting option for e-skateboard riders.

Remote- Controlled Lights

Using these, you can control the surrounding brightness and even keep the light bright on the remote control device itself. This protects you from hitting potholes and similar obstacles. It helps approaching vehicles to see you. These lights can be recharged using a USB cable.

DIY Lights

This is one of the cheapest options. Just stick the LED strips under or on the e-skateboard grip tape. You may integrate the lights onto the deck directly. It has many customizable options.

Under-Glow effect

Skateboard underglow lights

If your e-skateboard has an under-glowing deck, this is a great way to be seen at night. To enhance the skateboard’s visibility, you may stick some LED strips under it.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of e-skateboard and longboard lighting solutions currently available. Do not worry that most e-skateboards are not designed with a lighting system.  You can pick from affordable options that ensure your safety and increases your visibility. These options include backpack lights, LED armbands, and strap-on helmets. You may also choose LED helmets and other industry-standard e-skateboard lights.

The important thing is: Keep yourself safe while riding the e-skateboard on the road at night. Yes, keep yourself safe while riding your Longboard in darker areas with minimal natural light.

The verdict? Have a safe ride on your e-skateboard or Longboard!

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