How to Identify the Best Electric Skateboards on the Market

Last Updated on March 16, 2021

In the last few years, electric skateboarding has become the newest craze in town! Even though it’s a relatively recent phenomenon, thousands of people enjoy using e-skateboards for various reasons.

It’s a challenge trying to put together a list of the best skateboards in the market. Why? Every rider usually has a unique need with the type of skateboard they prefer. Even so, we can try to analyze the best skateboards that would fit the average rider’s needs.

Ordinarily, most riders of e-skateboards are inclined to spend sparingly on these machines. Most beginners will typically spend less on the skateboards (usually less than$ 2,000). This is because they are still experimenting with these machines’ overall value as a sport or hobby. In time, they might perhaps decide to spend more on a better quality machine.

Before you spend money on an e-skateboard, take time to ensure you’re getting real value for your money. Yes, use your money to pay for something truly worthwhile.

Now to the actual skateboards!

What is an Electric Skateboard?

For starters, what, really, is an electric skateboard? Well, an electric skateboard is a battery and motor-driven skateboard that the rider controls with a remote control device. These machines are fantastic since they allow you to travel a greater distance than if you used the traditional skateboard.

Overall, an electric skateboard is essentially similar to an ordinary skateboard. The difference is that an electric motor drives it; this is what powers the machine to move. The rider just opens the throttle, controls the speed, and applies brakes using a hand-held remote control. The skateboard’s battery is usually mounted under the deck.

The motors are either attached inside the wheels or under the deck. When making a U-turn, the rider tilts the board to one side.  The ordinary e-skateboard is usually designed for commuting or local transport. It typically weighs some 10kg (22 pounds) and has a maximum speed averaging 15-50 km/h.

Benefits of Electric Skateboarding

Many use skateboards to ride on their way to work, the train station, o for a fun weekend with friends, taking the dog for a walk, or strolling to the beach. Some use skateboards when going to the local mall or store, the nearby café shop, or wandering to the forest. You can use them to travel along the dirt mountain trail and almost everywhere else!

E- Skating is incredibly beneficial for several reasons. It’s known to be environmental-friendly, helps reduce traffic congestion, and boosts mental health. In fact, in the long run, many use e- skateboards in various money-saving activities. Yes, beyond being a mere sport, skateboarding has even evolved into a progressive, popular movement!

Various Types of Electric Skateboards

It’s important to think about the various types of electric skateboards available on the market.

Consider the following:


Regular longboards that are non-motorized represent the ideals of the original skateboard. They were essentially designed to mimic the feeling you’d experience when surfing on the sidewalk.  These skateboards are usually recommended for beginners. Why? The softer wheels and longer decks offer greater stability and enable a smooth ride.

Longboards are, unquestionably, great for making e-skateboards. No wonder most e-boards on the market are actually longboards. They are generally comfortable to ride and easy to use. Moreover, they come readily optimized for cruising purposes. Due to its softer wheels, the longboard is excellent for those who often ride on bumps and cracks in the asphalt.

As noted, beginners should use longboards as the safest choice. Longboards offer the smoothness and stability that makes it easier for a beginner to learn how to ride the skateboard.


Shortboards are typically shorter and rigid. The wheels are usually smaller, closer together, and harder compared to longboards. The decks are curved upwards on both ends. This enables the rider to perform some useful tricks. They are more portable than others. Moreover, they’re relatively cheaper than most others. Indeed many are half the price of longboards! Many find a shortboard better compared to a longboard.

Penny Boards


Australia’s Penny Skateboard gives Penny boards their name. Penny boards are generally made of plastic and a bit tiny. Since they are small, they are also easily portable. Many find it fun to ride penny boards. They are typically made with a hub motor. Thus, they are easier to use and quieter than other types of skateboards. They are also cheaper than short boards; if you have to carry your skateboards a lot, this is your choice! You, however, have to endure operating penny boards in a much smaller place.

Off-Road Electric Skateboards

Off-road skateboards simply exist for fun. They are just awesome! Some are hybrid skateboards; this means you can switch the wheels for use off-road or on the road. Others are made with aluminum decks to enhance durability. Most of these skateboards come with a powerful battery and motor to deal with a hilly terrain’s demands. Well, if you love adventure, this is great for you! But if you want something more practical for riding around town, go for another type of skateboard.

Identifying the Most Important Elements in an E- Skateboard Wheel

If you buy sub-standard wheels, you’re in great trouble! The consequences can be dire. For instance, they can break and leave you helpless since you won’t be able to ride for a while. They can also cause accidents and injury.

When looking for the best wheels, evaluate the size. Most longboard wheels usually measure between 54 mm going upwards. Keep in mind that when the diameter is smaller, the skateboard moves slower. Nevertheless, the skateboard will accelerate faster. On the other hand, a larger wheel would allow you to move faster with slower acceleration.

In case you are a beginner rider, start with a skateboard between 54 and 59 mm; it’ll perfectly suit you. Why? With this, you can easily skate along the street while learning the ropes on skateboarding basics. Note that machines that measure from 60 mm are meant to be used in uneven terrain. This makes them best for use with downhill boards.

The next thing is wheel shape; it’s quite important to select the right skateboard wheel shape. This is what makes the difference between sliding down smoothly or wiping out; it’s crucial. You can get three different types of wheels- beveled edge, round, and square edge. Square edges come with an excellent grip. They are specifically made for riding downhill. The beveled edge lies somewhere between the round and square; it usually offers a point of contact at the wheel’s edge. This makes it excellent for turning.

The round edge is excellent for sliding and carving and provides less friction when in contact with the ground.

The Remote/ Wireless Control

There’s a big difference between the ESC and the remote control. The controller is essentially the equivalent of the e-skateboard’s CPU. It’s the brains behind the commands- the actual command center. On its part, the remote control is comparable to the computer keyboard or mouse; it tells the controller what to do.

Most controllers come with pre-programmed settings. They also have an Eco-mode. This works well with Beginner Modes to limit the skateboard speed. You can conveniently use it to learn how to ride the skateboard.

Deck Type

There’s little doubt that the deck is an essential component of the e-skateboard. This is because it dictates the ride comfort. Also, a stiffer deck is a lot easier to turn. Moreover, it remains stable even when you’re riding at a top speed. Be ready, however, to experience more vibrations while riding.

A flexible deck can absorb more vibrations and give you a comfortable ride. Nevertheless, you’re likely to lose stability while traveling at high speeds. Most beginners use flexy decks because it can make the ride get smoother. Moreover, you can learn more easily how to ride using this deck.

Overall, carbon fiber and Maple decks are stiffer. Bamboo decks are generally more flexible. You might even find a few composites containing a little maple and some bamboo elements. This creates a convenient mix of stability and flexibility.

Range and Speed

The e-skateboard cannot really work on its own; it needs some computational power, battery energy, and the control system boost. These elements work together to drive your e-skateboard. If you have the fastest skateboard, you’ll require a battery to handle the extra power needs. Why? You’ll certainly need to accelerate at the top speed. If you want to go at top speed for extended periods, you will obviously need some extra power.

In most cases, the battery power output must match the motor power. In case you have a powerful and aggressive motor, but the battery is weak, the mere action of accelerating will drain all the power. This is because the motor can only work as much as battery power permits.

The controller is usually called “the master communicator.” It tells the e-skateboard what to do.  It can tell it to move faster or slower. It also supplies the motor’s necessary power to follow what you command and keep to the speed settings. It’s always wise to carry emergency batteries.

Skateboard Motors

There are two different types of electric skateboard motors; Belt drives and the hub. The primary difference comes with how the skateboard accelerates and how much torque is generated.

A belt drive is actually a simple pulley. It has a small gear on its motor and a second, larger gear on its wheels. These are usually connected using a belt. The motor is designed to turn the small gear that pulls the belt. The belt, in turn, rotates the wheel.

On its part, the direct drive or hub drive has the motor directly attached to the wheel. This means the motor is embedded on the actual wheel. Some manufacturers design this using metal gears that are directly in contact- these connect the wheels and the motor.

The Drives

When deciding on the drive to buy, think about other things. Consider this: A belt drive makes it more difficult to move the board with foot power in case the battery dies. Nevertheless, if you’re employing a hub drive, you can use it the same way you do with the regular skateboard. Furthermore, a belt drive is designed with more moveable parts. This means there is a likelihood that something can break. In comparison, a hub drive is more difficult to repair in case it breaks down.

Also, belt drives come with more torque. This makes for better acceleration and facilitates better hill-climbing. In fact, belt drives are really the only option for off-road boards. Nevertheless, belt drives come with lesser efficiency in the braking system. Generally, hub drives are susceptible to overheating. This makes them less durable compared to belt drives. Even so, hub drives are quieter and lighter. If you want a quieter motor and that preserves battery life, go for a hub drive.

Final Thoughts:

Electric skateboards are increasingly becoming a favorite of thousands of commuters, hobbyists, and other fun riders.  The e-skateboard has even become some people’s primary way of traveling to work or visiting entertainment places.

It’s essential to choose the best e-skateboard that fits your needs and serves your purposes. It would be best if you chose an e-skateboard that enhances your safety while riding, is easy to use, and that will boost your productivity.

Think about the essential elements that make for a fantastic e-skateboard- consider the battery, motor, and other convenient features that represent a great buy.

Yes, select the best e-skateboard that you can get on the market.

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